Falcon Isle Resources, Inc. is engaged in the identification, exploration, and development of organically certified phosphate mineral resources in order to help meet the worlds rising global natural food demand.   We accomplish these objectives by our commitment to increase sustainable agricultural productivity while maintaining and exceeding social and environmental responsibilities. Falcon Isle Resources is dedicated to the state of the organic phosphate and fertilizer industry and the multiple opportunities that it presents as we judiciously develop these natural resources to drive sustainable and profitable growth


The Little Diamond Creek Mine consists of 840 acres of rich organically certified phosphate mineral deposits that posses a phosphate ore body with historical production, significant organically certified ore grades, valuable minor mineral, excellent metallurgy and modest permitting requirements. Falcon Isle Resources Stage I operation will consist of obtaining our mining and exploration permits in order to begin phosphate rock extraction, test drilling and developing a bulk sampling program scheduled for during the fall of 2017. Initial surface mining operations will be focused on the extraction of approximately 50,000 tons of the high grade organically certified phosphate rock, which is surface-exposed, as a result of previous stripping and mining operations. This previously stripped area will provide for ease of extraction, while allowing for further resource confirmation by opening and assessing the existing, exposed outcroppings of material. In addition, the drill program will expand our 43-101 study guidelines to a full resource analysis or pre-feasibility study.


The company will capitalize on the regional availability of operational resources in all mining service segments, including geological, engineering, mining contracting services, equipment, processing and transportation making Falcon Isle Resources one of the few new operations to bring a phosphate rock mine to production this year. As a result of the premium available in the organic fertilizer market, Falcon Isle Resources should realize significant net profits due to high organic phosphate rock values, coupled with tight cost control measures and off-take agreements for the sale of organic phosphate direct application fertilizer and organic fertilizer blends to large regional organic production facilities, distributors and farmers.


The company will focus its mining operations on both the historical operations and new resource exploration. Management is focused on a non-operator model, utilizing existing resources, contract miners, operating out-take processing facilities and independent geological consultants. Our model is a low overhead financial model with management’s primary concern on production, marketing and resultant profitability. Falcon Isle Resources intends to further expand the Little Diamond Creek Mine property with a combination of cash and equity